Honda TRX400 ATV Repair Q&A

Repair for the ever-popular TRX400 Honda ATV model is a much-discussed subject in powersports pro John Talley's weekly Partzilla live Q&A sessions.

John goes live every Friday at 3pm Eastern on our YouTube channel, and in this edition he answers some of our viewers' questions about Honda TRX400 repairs, including one ATV that bogs out and another that pulls hard to the right when it pops wheelies. 

Honda TRX400 ATV repair Q&A

Honda TRX400 Repair

I have a 2007 400EX and when I’m in the low RPMs, it seems to bog out. What could be the problem?

John Talley: Is it stock? Have you done anything to it? When was the last time it was run? Has it been sitting up for a while? Because it sounds like this is a transition issue in the carburation when it’s trying to go from idle up to wide-open throttle. Sounds like she’s choking down, so I would start looking through the fuel system to make sure all of the jets are cleaned out appropriately.

Watch the video above to see how to clean the carburetor of a Honda TRX400.

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I have a 2002 400 EX with brand new axle hubs, chain sprockets, rotors, same tire pressure and everything and when I pop a wheelie it pulls hard to the right side. What could it be?

John Talley: Ok. Well that would tell me there has to be an alignment problem, probably on the swingarm. … If it’s a concentric hub, it’s impossible for it to get twisted in one direction or the other. This is a bit of a weird question. You said your tire pressure was the same, are you absolutely certain that the tires have the same aspect ratio, or diameter on the outside? Just make sure that they’re exactly the same as far as the height to width ratio on them.  

Watch the video above to learn more about Motion Pro tire tools.

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