How to Change a Honda TRX350 Rancher Air Filter 

How often should you change your Honda TRX350 Rancher's air filter? At the very minimum, it should be replaced every time you change the engine oil. 

However, if you want your ATV to perform at its peak, then you should inspect, clean and replace your Rancher's air filter after every couple of outings, especially if you ride in dusty or sandy conditions. To get the job done, all you'll need are a screwdriver, a replacement air filter, a can of filter oil, and about five minutes of time to spare.

Tools and Parts Needed - Honda Rancher Air Filter Change

Honda TRX 350 Air Filter Change

Step 1. Remove the seat by depressing the latch under the right rear side and sliding the seat back to release the clip at the front.

Honda Rancher ATV air filter change

Step 2. Release the four spring clips from the airbox and remove the lid.

Honda Rancher TRX350 air filter change

Step 3. Loosen the clamp from the front of the filter and remove the air filter assembly.

Honda Rancher ATV air filter change

Step 4. Remove the foam air filter element from the inner air filter frame.

Honda ATV air filter change Rancher TRX350

Step 5. Inspect the air filter element. If it's split, damaged, or clogged with dirt, it will need replacing. However, if your air filter is in good condition, it can be cleaned and reused.

Step 6. Take the new foam filter element (or the existing filter once it's cleaned) and spray it with foam filter oil. Completely coat the filter and gently rub the oil into the foam.

Honda Rancher Air Filter Change ATV

PRO TIP: Don't cut corners by skipping the air filter oil treatment. The oil traps tiny dirt and dust particles that would otherwise pass through the filter into your Rancher's engine, which increases wear and shortens the engine's lifespan.

Step 7. Put the foam filter element onto the inner air filter frame, being careful not to tear the element.

Honda rancher TRX350 air filter element

 Step 8. Reinstall the air filter assembly into the airbox and re-tighten the clamp.

Honda ATV air filter replacement

Step 9. Before you reinstall the airbox lid, inspect the rubber seal for any wear, damage or leaks and replace the seal if necessary.

Honda Rancher air filter replacement

Step 10. Reattach the four spring clips to the airbox lid, reinstall the seat and you're done!

Honda TRX350 air filter change

Now that you know how to change the air filter on your Honda Rancher TRX350, are you ready to learn how to change the oil? Watch the video below to keep the maintenance going on your Honda Rancher ATV.



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