Honda Rebel 250 Oil Change in Minutes

A handful of minutes is all it takes to change the oil on a Honda Rebel motorcycle. 

Follow this quick step-by-step guide on to how to change the oil in a Honda Rebel 250 in under 10 minutes, and watch our Honda Rebel 250 oil change video above for additional guidance on performing this simple maintenance job.

Tools and Parts Needed - Honda Rebel Oil Change


  • Ratchet and 17mm socket
  • Drain pan
  • Torque wrench

Honda Rebel motorcycle oil change

How to Change the Oil in a Honda Rebel 250

PRO TIP: Warm up the oil before draining it by running the engine for a couple of minutes. Warm engine oil drains easier than cold engine oil.

Step 1. Position a drain pan under the engine and remove the dipstick. 

PRO TIP: Removing the dipstick allows the engine to vent properly and the old engine oil to drain faster.

Step 2. Remove the 17mm drain bolt and crush washer from the lower left side of the engine, and let the oil drain out completely.

Honda Rebel 250 oil change

Step 3. Install a new crush washer, then reinstall the drain bolt and torque it to 18 foot-pounds. 

PRO TIP: Clean off any oil that dripped onto the central exhaust balance pipe to prevent it from burning and smoking when you next run the motorcycle.

Step 4. Fill the engine with 1.6 quarts of Honda GEN4 10W-30 engine oil and reinstall the dipstick.

Honda Rebel motorcycle oil change

Step 5. Start the engine, and let it idle for 15 seconds to circulate the new oil through the engine. Next, shut off the engine and let it rest for a minute.

Step 6. Remove and clean the dipstick. Then, put it back in the crankcase but don't screw it in, just let it rest flush on the crankcase. Remove the dipstick again and check the oil level. Top off the oil if necessary and you're done.

Honda Rebel oil change





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