Honda Rancher 350 Electrical Problems

From batteries to starters to blown fuses, an assortment of electrical problems can occur within an ATV's electrical system. Here at Partzilla, we're no strangers to Honda ATVs, and electrical system problems come up often during our Live Q&A sessions.

Our resident powersports pro John Talley does live Q&A sessions every Friday at 3pm Eastern on our YouTube channel, and in this session, he received a couple of questions about electrical system problems with the Honda Rancher 350. Here's what John had to say about a battery that isn't charging, as well as a blown fuse on a TRX 350 model.

Honda TRX350 electrical problems battery

Honda TRX350 Electrical Problems

I have a 2000 Honda Rancher 350 and my battery isn’t charging. I replaced the voltage regulator, checked the AC voltage from the stator and all three were over 18 volts. Any ideas?

John Talley: Honestly, they need to be a little higher than that. And you should’ve been reading that in AC. Were you? Because that’s important. Even at idle and just a little bit over that, you should be reading somewhere between 25 and 35, maybe even up to 40, depending on your RPMs volts, AC. A regular volt-ohm meter should be able to show that range, because it’s going to bounce around a lot. 

Watch the video above to troubleshoot charging problems with a Honda ATV.

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My Honda Rancher 350 blew a fuse and lost spark, so I put another wiring harness on it and it ran fine for about a week, but just did the exact same thing. What do you think would cause that?

John Talley: There’s a short somewhere in there. And it may have damaged your original wiring harness. But now it’s working on damaging your second one. With something that traumatic, I would be looking at some of your higher amperage pieces. Your starter being the primary one I would look at, because if it’s blowing that main fuse, it’s a severe short, so to speak. Now I’ve seen starters that’ll start over and over again … and it’ll catch on a bad winding and pop that fuse. So I would check the starter and see what you find there.   

Watch the video above to learn how to test powersports vehicle starters.

Watch the video above to learn about wiring harness repairs.

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