How to Change Honda Goldwing Rear Brake Pads

The Honda Goldwing is a large motorcycle that carries a lot of weight, which puts extra demands on many of its parts.

All that extra weight takes a major toll on the brakes, and the brake pads should be changed frequently. Here's how to do a rear brake pad change on a Honda Goldwing GL1800.

Tools and Parts Needed - Honda Goldwing Rear Brake Pad Change


  • 3/8th ratchet
  • 5mm Allen 
  • Flat-blade screwdriver
  • Torque wrench

Honda Goldwing GL1800 rear brake pads replacement

Replacing the Rear Brake Pads on a Honda Goldwing

Step 1. Push the brake pads back away from the rotor to make room for the extra material on the new brake pads. Use a flat-blade screwdriver to pry the old pads apart. When the pads are pushed back and they bottom out, hold it there for a few seconds. Be careful not to gouge the rotor during this step. 

Honda Goldwing rear brake pad change

Step 2. Remove the small plug that covers the head of the hanger pin. It's located at the bottom of the caliper. If you're having trouble finding it, check our Honda Goldwing rear brake caliper parts diagram. It's listed as #18.  

Honda Goldwing rear brake pad caliper

Step 3. Loosen and remove the hanger pin using your 5mm Allen. This pin holds the brake pads in place. The pin is long, so once you get it loose you may want to use your hands to unthread it. Once unthreaded, it slides out pretty easily, though you may need to push up on the brake pads to alleviate pressure on the pin to pull it out. 

Honda Goldwing GL1800 rear brake pad change

Step 4. Pull the pads out from the bottom of the caliper. 

Honda Goldwing rear brake pad caliper removal

Step 5. Clean the hanger pin, and put some grease on the threads at the end of the pin.   

Honda Goldwing rear brake pads hanger pin

Step 6. Replace the pads one at a time. 

PRO TIP: It's easier to start with the inside pad, so you can pull out on the caliper a little to make room to get the outside pad inserted. Circled in the picture below is a notch at the top of the pads that will seat inside the caliper. Notice the loop at the bottom of the pads. That's where the hanger pin will pass through once the pads are installed. 

Honda Goldwing GL1800A rear brake pads replacement

Step 7. Replace the hanger pin. You may need to push up on the brake pads to get the loops on the pads to align, allowing you to push the pads all the way through. Hand-tighten the pin first, then use your torque wrench to tighten it to 13 foot-pounds.  

Honda Goldwing brake pads change

Step 8. Replace the dust cap and you're done.  

Honda Goldwing motorcycle rear brake pads change

Now that you've got the rear brake pads replaced on your Honda Goldwing, why not go ahead and do the front brake pads as well? Watch the video below to see how to change the front brake pads on a 2007 Goldwing GL1800 A. 






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