Honda CRF450 Slip-On Exhaust Installation

An exhaust upgrade on a CRF450R is an easy way to punch up performance on a dirt bike that’s already an elite performer on the track or trail. 

Watch the video above and follow the steps below to see how to install a Pro Circuit pipe on a CRF450 Honda dirt bike.

Tools and Parts - Honda CRF450 Aftermarket Exhaust Install

As part of our complete Honda CRF450 rebuild, we installed three new pieces: a header pipe, a T-4 slip on muffler and a mid-pipe that connects the header and muffler. 

Honda CRF450 aftermarket exhaust install

Honda CRF450R Exhaust Installation

Step 1. Remove the two bolts that hold the side plastic panel and the panel itself to get access to all the mounting locations and to position the pipe. 

Honda CRF450 Pro Circuit exhaust install

Step 2. Get the header gasket into position. To keep it in place while mounting the header, apply a little bit of grease to the gasket so it sticks to the head. 

Honda CRF450 exhaust install header gasket

Honda CRF450 aftermarket exhaust install header gasket

NOTE: Don’t use too much grease, otherwise you’ll burn it all off through the pipes.

Step 3. Get the header and its bolts into place. 

Honda CRF450 exhaust install header

PRO TIP: Only hand-tighten the bolts in case you need to shuffle things around to make the whole exhaust system line up.

Honda CRF450 exhaust install header bolts

Step 4. Position the center section or mid-pipe by sliding over the header pipe and hand-tightening the bolt.

Honda CRF450 exhaust install mid-pipe

Honda CRF450 exhaust install center section

Step 5. Install the muffler by slipping it over the mid-pipe and threading in the bolt that holds it in place. The bolt has two washers: one that goes right behind it, and another that goes between the mount on the slip-on and the mount on the subframe.

Honda CRF450 exhaust muffler install

Honda CRF450 exhaust muffler mount

Step 6. Torque the two bolts securing the header to the head to 15 foot-pounds. Next, torque the bolts on the mid-pipe and on the slip to 15 foot-pounds. 

Honda CRF450R exhaust header installation

Honda CRF450R motorcycle exhaust installation

Honda CRF450R dirt bike exhaust installation

Step 7. Hook the two springs near the header, and two springs where the muffler and mid-pipe meet, into place using a spring tool to attach them. 

CRF450 aftermarket exhaust installation

CRF450R motorcycle aftermarket exhaust installation

Step 8. Reinstall the plastics and the bolts that hold them in place.

CRF450 dirt bike exhaust install

Step 9. Wipe down the pipes with some contact cleaner to prevent residual oils from your fingers from burning an imprint into the pipes when they get heated.

Honda CRF450R new exhaust installation

As mentioned, this exhaust installation is part of a complete CRF450R motorcycle rebuild. Watch the playlist below to see our Honda CRF450 dirt bike rebuild in its entirety.



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