How to Replace the Clutch on a Honda CRF450R 

If you ride your dirt bike half as hard as it's meant to be ridden, changing the clutch is a repair you'll likely need to take care of more than once during the lifetime of your machine. 

In this guide, we'll show you how to replace the clutch on a Honda CRF450R dirt bike. We recommend you watch the video and print out the steps below for reference.

Parts Needed - Honda CRF 450R Clutch Replacement

IMPORTANT NOTE: The 2005 Honda CRF450R clutch is made up of TWO different types of friction clutch plates. Make sure you're buying the correct number of each type of friction plate. Use the links provided to get the parts needed to complete this job.

Replacing Honda CRF450R Clutch

Step 1. Soak the new clutch friction plates in engine oil for at least an hour before installing them.

Honda CRF450R clutch replacement

Step 2. Remove the brake pedal.

Honda motorcycle clutch replacement

Step 3. Remove the clutch cover by taking out the six cover bolts. Position an oil pan under the cover to catch the oil that will spill out as the clutch cover is removed.

Clutch replacement Honda CRF450R

Step 4. Remove the six clutch spring bolts. Loosen the bolts in a diagonal pattern so the tension is kept even on the clutch pressure plate.

Honda CRF450R clutch spring bolts

Step 5. Remove the clutch pressure plate, and the clutch friction and drive plates beneath it. 

Clutch pressure plate Honda motorcycle

Step 6. Install the new clutch friction plate (part # 22201-MEB-670)

Honda CRF 450R clutch friction plate

Step 7. Next, install the new clutch drive plates (also called "clutch discs") and clutch friction plates alternately in the following order: 

1. Drive plate - part # 22321-KZ3-690

2. Friction plate - part # 22201-MEN-670  

3. Drive plate - part # 22321-KZ3-690

4. Friction plate  - part # 22201-MEN-670 

5. Drive plate - part # 22321-KZ3-690

6. Friction plate - part # 22201-MEN-670 

7. Drive plate - part # 22321-KZ3-690

8. Friction plate - part # 22201-MEN-670

9. Drive plate - part # 22321-KZ3-690

10. Friction plate - part # 22201-MEN-670

11. Drive plate - part # 22321-KZ3-690

12. Friction plate - part # 22201-MEN-670

13. Drive plate - part # 22321-KZ3-690

Honda motorcycle clutch discs and plates

Step 8. Install the new clutch friction plate (part #22201-MEN-670)

Honda CRF450R clutch friction plate

Step 9. Reinstall the clutch pressure plate and the six clutch spring bolts. Tighten the bolts in a diagonal pattern so the tension is kept even on the clutch pressure plate.

Honda motorcycle clutch pressure plate

Step 10. Torque the clutch spring bolts to 9 foot-pounds.

Honda CRF motorcycle clutch spring bolts

Step 11. Reinstall the clutch cover and torque the cover bolts to 7 foot-pounds.

Honda CRF clutch cover install

Step 12. Reinstall the brake pedal with the washer between the pedal and the transmission housing.

Honda CRF motorcycle brake pedal

Step 13. Refill the engine with 0.75 of a quart of Honda HP4M oil.

Honda CRF motorcycle oil refill

Step 14. Check the oil level in the window just below the oil filler cap, and top off the oil if necessary.

Honda CRF motorcycle clutch replacement

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