Honda CRF450 Two Oil Caps Q&A

With a Honda CRF450 dirt bike oil change, you may be wondering A. why there are two oil caps on the bike and B. if you have to change the oil on both sides of it. 

Our resident Honda motorcycle expert John Talley was asked if the oil had to be changed on both sides of the CRF450. John does live Q&A sessions every Friday at 3pm Eastern on our YouTube channel, and in this edition, he gives one of our viewers tips on changing the oil in a Honda CRF50.

Honda CRF450 oil change cap

Honda CRF450 Oil Change

I’ve got a 2006 Honda CRF450 and the engine has two oil caps. Do I have to do both sides for the oil change? 

John Talley: The reason there are two oil caps is because there are two oil cavities on the CRF. Basically you’ve got what I call the engine side, and that one’s going to have an associated oil filter with it, and that’s mainly concerning your crankshaft area. And then on the back side that’s what they call the transmission side. Now, you can use the same oil but there are two different places that you fill it and also two separate places that you drain it. And there are also two separate ways you check the level. On the shifter side of the engine, you’re going to have an oil window, but on the kickstarter side, you’re going to find an oil check bolt. … Now, you can use the same oil in both the engine side and the transmission side, provided you run just a regular type oil. A regular GN4 oil will do the trick. You can run synthetic up in the front part of the engine but you would still need to run the conventional in the back.

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Watch the video below to see how to do an oil change for a Honda CRF450 dirt bike.

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