How to Change Honda CBR300 Oil

Changing the oil regularly in a Honda motorcycle  helps keep its engine healthy. An oil change is perhaps the most basic, yet most essential motorcycle maintenance task.

Watch the video above and follow the steps below to learn how to change the oil in a 2019 Honda CBR300 motorcycle.

Honda CBR300 oil change

Tools and Supplies - Honda CBR 300 Oil Change

  • 3/8th ratchet
  • 8mm, 12mm sockets
  • 5mm Allen
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Torque wrench

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Changing the Oil in a Honda CBR300

Step 1. Run the engine for a minute or two to warm up the oil and make it easier to drain.  

Step 2. Remove the fill cap to help the crankcase breathe as the oil drains.

Honda CBR300 oil change fill cap

Step 3. Place a drain pan underneath the unit, then remove the drain bolt with a 12mm socket and let the oil drain out. 

Honda CBR 300 oil change drain bolt

NOTE: The drain bolt is #11 in our CBR300 crankcase parts diagram. Its crush washer is #16. Make sure the washer isn’t damaged or missing, and replace it if necessary.

Step 4. Replace the crush washer and drain bolt, then torque the drain bolt to 18 foot-pounds. 

Honda CBR 300 motorcycle oil change

Step 5. Remove the lower fairing to access the oil filter by taking off the three 5mm Allens, the push pin and the Phillips head screw underneath that hold it in place. 

Honda CBR300 engine oil change service

Honda CBR 300 oil change service

Honda motorcycle oil change

Step 6. Remove the oil filter cover by taking off the four 8mm bolts holding it in place. 

Honda CBR 300 oil filter change

NOTE: Pay attention to the spring behind the cover and make sure it stays intact.

Step 7. Remove the oil filter and the gasket behind it that seals the filter cover. 

Honda CBR 300 oil filter replacement

Step 8. Spray some contact cleaner to clean everything up once the filter is removed. Allow the contact cleaner to dry before installing the new filter.

Honda CBR 300 oil filter preparation

Step 8. Put a little grease on the filter cover surface so the gasket will stick, then install the gasket and the oil filter

Honda CBR300 oil filter cover gasket

NOTE: The filter is labeled “outside” for the side that should face out, toward you.

Honda CBR300 new oil filter installation

Step 9. Replace the cover and tighten the four 8mm bolts to 9 foot-pounds.

Honda motorcycle oil filter change

Step 10. Fill the engine with Honda GN4 10W30 oil to about 1.6 quarts. 

Honda CBR300 oil change refill

Step 11. Replace the fill cap, and run the engine for a minute or two to circulate the oil. Next, check the level on the sight glass. 

Honda CBR 300 oil change level

The two lines on either side of the top and the two on the bottom of the sight glass represent the upper and lower limits for the oil level. If the oil level is between the upper and lower lines (preferably closer to the upper lines), the level is good. Top the oil off if necessary to get a good oil level.

Step 12. Replace the fairing and you’re done.

The steps for changing the oil in a Honda motorcycle are the same or similar for all models. However, if you want to see a more detailed oil change for a CBR model, watch the video above to see how to change the oil in a Honda CBR 600RR


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