How to Replace a Honda CBR 929 Regulator Rectifier 

Replacing the regulator/rectifier on a CBR 929RR is a straightforward Honda motorcycle repair job.

Watch the video above and follow the steps below to learn how to replace a Honda CBR 929RR regulator-rectifier.

Tools and Parts – Honda CBR 929 Regulator-Rectifier Replacement

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Honda CBR929RR Regulator/Rectifier Replacement

Step 1. Remove the rider’s seat by taking off the mounting bolt on either side.

Honda CBR 929 seat removal

Step 2. Remove the two bolts from the fuel tank bracket, then move the bracket out of the way to access the regulator/rectifier cable connectors beneath it.

Honda CBR929 regulator-rectifier removal

Step 3. Disconnect the regulator and the rectifier cable connectors.

Honda CBR929RR regulator rectifier disconnect

Step 4. Remove the rear seat by taking off the bolts on either side of the tail fairing and the bolts under the rear seat pivot bar.

Honda CBR 929 regulator/rectifier change

Step 5. Remove the tail fairing by taking off the screws, bolts and fasteners securing it to the frame. 

Hond CBR929 regulator-rectifier change

Step 6. Remove the old regulator-rectifier unit (located on the upper left side of the frame) by taking off its two mounting bolts.

Regulator-rectifier replacement Honda CBR 929

Step 7. Install the new regulator/rectifier unit. Next, run the regulator/rectifier cable up through the frame and connect the regulator and the rectifier cable connectors.

Honda CBR 929 regulator rectifier installation

Honda CBR regulator-rectifier install

Step 8. Reinstall the fuel tank bracket, the tail fairing, the rear seat, and the rider’s seat and you’re done.

Honda CBR motorcycle regulator-rectifier replacement

Before spending money on a new regulator-rectifier for your motorcycle or ATV, it’s always a good idea to test the one you have in there first. Watch the video below to learn how to test a regulator-rectifier







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