How to Change the Front Tire on a Honda Motorcycle 

Changing the front tire on a motorcycle is a simple job, but prepare to work up a sweat while getting it done. 

Get the old and new tires ready by warming both up to make each one easier to remove and install, respectively. If possible, leave the tires sitting in direct sunlight for about an hour to absorb as much heat as possible. 

Watch our Honda CBR 929RR front tire change video above, and follow our step-by-step guide below to change the front tire on your motorcycle. 

Tools and Parts Needed - Honda Motorcycle Front Tire Change

NOTE: Although we're changing the front tire on a Honda CBR929RR, the steps are virtually identical for changing the front tire on ALL motorcycle makes and models.

Honda CBR 929 front tire change

Honda CBR 929RR Front Tire Removal

Step 1. Set the bike on a wheel stand.

PRO TIP: If you don't already own wheel stands, now's the time to invest in some. They're essential tools for servicing and storing your bike.

Step 2. Remove the front axle by loosening the two axle pinch bolts at the bottom of each suspension fork, then removing the axle bolt.

Honda CBR929 front tire axle removal

Step 3. Remove the front brake calipers by taking off the two caliper mount bolts on each caliper. Slide the calipers off the brake rotors and remove the front wheel from the motorcycle.

Honda CBR929 RR front brake calipers

Step 4. Remove the dust cap from the tire valve and the valve stem with a valve core tool.

Honda CBR motorcycle front tire valve stem

Step 5. Spray the wheel and tire with glass cleaner to lubricate them.

Step 6. Separate the tire bead from the wheel rim by working around the tire using bead breakers. Do this on both sides of the tire.

Honda CBR 929 front tire removal

Step 7. Use rim protectors to prevent damaging the wheel, and lever the tire over the wheel rim with tire spoons until it is completely off the wheel.

Honda CBR 929 front tire change

Honda CBR 929RR Front Tire Installation

Step 1. Find a yellow or red dot on the new tire, which indicates the lightest part of the tire. Mount the new tire with the dot aligned to the valve stem on the wheel rim.

Step 2. Press the new tire down over the wheel rim and onto the wheel using a combination of tire spoons and brute force. Don't forget to protect the wheel with rim protectors as you work the tire spoons.

Honda CBR front tire installation

Step 3. Once the tire is fully on the wheel, seat the tire beads onto the wheel rim to reinstall the valve stem and inflate the tire. 

NOTE: As the tire inflates, the beads will suddenly slide into place with a loud popping sound. This can be startling, so be prepared for it!

Honda CBR929 front tire rim installation

Step 4. Inflate the tire to the pressure specified in the owner's manual and replace the valve dust cap. The correct pressure for a Honda CBR929RR front tire is 36 psi. 

Step 5. Place the wheel back between the front forks, making sure the rotation markings on your tire (the small arrows on the sidewall) match the rotation of the wheel.

Step 6. Slide the brake calipers back over the brake rotors and reinstall the caliper mounting bolts.

Honda CBR front tire caliper mounting

Step 7. Clean the front axle, then apply a light coating of high performance grease to it and slide it back into place.

Step 8. Reinstall and tighten the axle bolt, and tighten the pinch bolts at the bottom of the front forks.

Honda CBR motorcycle front tire bolts

PRO TIP: Your new front tire will take a few miles to "bed in", so remember to go easy on your speed and lean angles for the first few miles.

Now that you have the front tire on your motorcycle replaced, are you ready to change out the rear tire? Watch the video below to see how to change the rear tire on a Honda CBR 929 bike



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