How to Replace a Honda CBR929RR Clutch

Replacing the clutch in a Honda motorcycle with OEM parts is a great idea. However, for our Honda CBR 929RR, we installed the SRK series sport clutch by EBC Brakes, complete with Kevlar-aramid friction discs and stiffer diaphragm clutch springs. 

Whether you decide to replace the clutch on your CBR929RR with a sports clutch kit or with OEM Honda clutch parts, the process is exactly the same. Watch the video above and follow the steps below to replace the clutch on a Honda CBR 929. 

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Use our Honda CBR929RR clutch parts diagram for additional reference. 

Honda CBR929RR Clutch Replacement

Step 1. Soak the new clutch friction plates in engine oil for at least one hour before installing them on your motorcycle.

Honda CBR929RR clutch plates

Step 2. Remove the lower cowl and right-side middle cowl.

Honda CBR929 cowl removal

Honda CBR929RR clutch pack replacement

Step 3. Remove the oil drain bolt, then drain the old engine oil and reinstall the drain bolt. Torque the bolt to 22 foot-pounds.

Honda CBR 929 clutch pack replacement

Step 4. Remove the clutch cable bracket and disconnect the clutch cable from the clutch lever at the top of the crankcase cover.

Honda CBR 929 clutch pack change clutch cable

Step 5. Remove the seat and the fuel tank mounting bolts, then raise the front end of the fuel tank and support it with a screwdriver to access the ignition pulse generator.

Honda CBR929RR motorcycle clutch pack replacement

Step 6. Disconnect the ignition pulse generator connector.

Honda CBR 929 clutch rebuild

Step 7. Remove the right crankcase cover bolts, then rotate the clutch lever counterclockwise and pull the crankcase cover off from the motor.

Honda CBR929RR clutch rebuild

Step 8. Clean the crankcase cover and remove all traces of the old sealant.

Honda motorcycle clutch pack change

Step 9. Remove the five clutch spring bolts and clutch springs. Next, loosen the bolts in a diagonal pattern to maintain an even pressure on the pressure plate so as not to damage it.

Honda CBR 929 clutch springs

Step 10. Remove the pressure plate, the old friction plates and the drive plates from the clutch basket.

Honda motorcycle clutch discs change

Step 11. If you’re replacing the clutch with the clutch kit, install the larger ID friction plate first, then alternate between steel drive plates and friction plates, until finally installing the green outer friction plate. 

Honda CBR 929 motorcycle clutch install

NOTE: The outer friction plate should be offset by one notch in the clutch basket from all the other plates.

Honda CBR 929 clutch pack installation

Honda CBR 929 clutch discs installation

Step 12. Reinstall the pressure plate, then install the new clutch springs (kit) or reinstall the old clutch springs (OEM) and tighten down the spring bolts. Once again, work diagonally to keep the pressure on the drive plate even as the bolts are tightened down. Finally, torque the spring bolts to 9 foot-pounds.

Honda CBR929RR clutch springs installation

Honda CBR929RR clutch bolts installation

Step 13. Apply crankcase sealant around the crankcase cover.

Honda CBR 929 motorcycle clutch replacement

Step 14. Reinstall the crankcase cover onto the motor while rotating the clutch lever clockwise so the lever engages with the clutch mechanism. Next, reinstall the cover bolts.

Honda CBR 929 clutch rebuild

Honda CBR 929 motorcycle clutch cover

Step 15. Reconnect the clutch cable to the clutch lever and reinstall the clutch cable bracket.

Honda CBR 929 motorcycle clutch cable

Honda CBR 929 motorcycle clutch cable bracket

Step 16. Reconnect the ignition pulse generator connector, then reinstall the fuel tank mounting bolts, the fule tank itself and the seat.

Honda CBR 929 ignition pulse generator

Step 17. Reinstall the mid and lower cowls.

Honda CBR 929 fairings installation

Step 18. Refill the engine with 3.7 quarts of Honda GN4 oil. Run the engine for half a minute, then switch it off and check the oil level. Top off the oil if necessary and you’re done.

Honda CBR 929 clutch pack replacement oil refill



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