How to Replace the Air Filter on a Honda CBR600

Getting the air filter changed on some Honda motorcycles like the CBR600 is pretty straightforward. Changing out the air filter is simple maintenance that helps ensure the longevity of your bike. 

Watch the video above and follow the steps below to change the air filter on a Honda CBR 600.

Tools and Parts – Honda CBR600 Air Filter Change

NOTE: If you’re just cleaning and replacing a reusable air filter like the one in this unit, we recommend getting a PJ1 fabric air filter cleaning kit.

Honda air filter

PJ1 fabric air filter kit

Honda CBR600 Air Filter Replacement 

Step 1. Remove the seat by unscrewing the two 5mm Allens located under the right and left rear corner of the seat cushion. 

Honda CBR 600 air filter replacement

PRO TIP: Use our CBR600 seat mount diagram for additional reference.

Step 2. Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the two small screw-type rivets that hold the tank cowling in place.

Honda CBR 600 air filter change

Step 3. Remove the two 5mm bolts on each side of the tank. 

Honda CBR600RR air filter replacement

Step 4. Carefully lift the tank cowling off the motorcycle.

Honda CBR600RR air filter change

NOTE: The cowling is hooked underneath the other plastic pieces around it, so you may have to gently pull them away from each other. 

Step 5. Disconnect the grey IAT sensor harness.  

Honda CBR600 air filter replacement

Step 6. Remove the two Phillips head screws that hold the ECM bar in place. Next, remove the bar without disconnecting the ECM. Lift it up and out of the way while it’s still connected. 

Honda CBR air filter change

Step 7. Remove the six Phillips head screws that hold the airbox lid in place, then lift off the lid.  

Honda motorcycle air filter replacement

Step 8. Remove the two Phillips head screws that hold the air filter in place, and lift the air filter out.  

Honda motorcycle air filter change

NOTE: The filter in our CBR600 was a K&N reusable high-flow air filter, so we cleaned it and treated it. If you have a fabric filter, see our K&N air filter cleaning video below and pick up a fabric filter cleaning kit, or replace your filter with a new Honda CBR600 air filter.

Replacing the Air Filter in a Honda CBR 600 RR

Step 1. Slide the air filter back into place, and replace the two Phillips head screws that hold the filter inside the airbox. 

Honda CBR 600 air filter service

NOTE: The filter has holes in it that the screws will pass through. If they don’t line up with the holes in the airbox, you don’t have the air filter inserted correctly. 

Step 2. Replace the airbox lid, then replace and tighten down the six Phillips head screws that hold it in place.  

Honda CBR600RR air filter service

Step 3. Lay the ECU back into position, then replace the bar that holds it in place. 

Honda CBR600RR air filter change

Step 4. Replace the IAT sensor.  

Air filter change Honda CBR

Step 5. Replace the tank cover by getting it into place and pulling the lower cowl outward so the tank cover can slide underneath. Next, snap the panels back into place. 

Air filter replacement Honda CBR600

Step 6. Replace the Allen bolts on both sides of the tank cover.  

Air filter change service Honda CBR600

Step 7. Push the two clips on the back of the tank cover into place. 

Step 8. Replace the seat and the two Allen bolts that hold it in place, and you’re done.  

Air filter change Honda CBR600 motorcycle



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