Why Is My Honda ATV Carb Leaking Fuel?

When you have a Honda ATV carburetor that's leaking fuel, chances are you have an overflow problem and you're going to need to replace some parts, or rebuild the carb altogether.

Partzilla's resident ATV expert John Talley livestreams Q&As every Friday at 3pm Eastern on our YouTube channel, and in this session, he gives his tips on what to do about a 2004 Honda Rancher that's leaking gas from the carburetor.

Honda ATV carburetor leaking fuel Q&A

Honda ATV Carb Leaking Gas

I own a 2004 Honda Rancher that has gas leaking from the drain of the carburetor. I checked the drain plug and it’s installed and quite tight, as it didn’t move when I tightened the screw.  Any advice?

John Talley: Well here’s what’s going on in there. In your carburetor, of course you have that screw at the bottom where you can drain the float bowl. Inside that float bowl is also a brass pipe that comes up about dead even with the float bowl itself. That’s an overflow. So what happens there, is if you’ve got a leaking float valve, and I’m betting that’s what it is, instead of filling up your engine. Honda decided they’d rather just pee on your garage floor. Because then you hydrolock an engine and go to start it, it’s probably going to mess up your rings on a good day. Not to mention washing down the cylinders. So here’s what you probably need to do. Go ahead and remove the float bowl, take off the float, and then you’re going to have a jet in there with a little rubber tip. And I’m betting there’s one of two things. Either that rubber tip is broken, worn or cracked and it needs to be replaced, or there may be a piece of dirt up inside the valve seat. You can get just that little valve as a separate part from Honda, or you can order a Moose kit, which will have a new spring, a new float, a new gasket, basically everything you need to get everything sealed up like it should. Because being a 2004, when you go to pull that float bowl out, that gasket is probably going to rip when it drops down. If you’re going to order the parts individually, go ahead and get a new float valve and the gasket around the bottom of the float bowl.

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Watch the video below to see how to clean and rebuild a Honda ATV carburetor.

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