Gift Ideas for Motorcycle Owners

Whether it’s a friend, relative or colleague, buying a motorcycle owner a present might not be so easy. What could you get a motorcycle owner that they don’t already have?  

Motorcycle owner gift ideas

When buying a gift for a motorcycle owner, you need to think outside the gearbox and remember that for most bikers, it’s a lifestyle, not a hobby. Some of the things you’ll first think of as a perfect gift like helmets or motorcycle jackets should be left to the motorcycle owner to choose on their own. That’s because the “giftee” will have his or her own personal style and fit, and as such your present could end up being a waste of money. Instead, consider the following gift ideas as presents any motorcycle owner could use and appreciate. 

Smartphone Holder

Everyone has a smartphone these days, including motorcycle owners. We take our phones everywhere we go, and they’re now a necessity, not a luxury. So get the biker in your life a smartphone holder. Phones can easily fall out of pockets and get lost or broken during rides, so this accessory makes the perfect gift. It not only protects the phone, but also makes it easier for riders to pay attention to GPS navigation while holding onto the handlebars. 

Motorcycle owner gift ideas smartphone holder

Helmet Bluetooth Camera & Communicator

When it comes to buying gifts, you can’t go wrong with gadgets. Many a motorcycle owner loves to record their riding adventures, so what better gift to get them than a helmet camera and communication system? After all, motorcycle riding involves a lot of noise, and a Bluetooth helmet communicator with a camera helps break up that noise. 

10C Evo helmet camera communicator

Buy helmet communications

Get a helmet communicator that can link up to a smartphone to play music, receive phone calls, provide GPS directions and of course, record video. This type of hands-free gadget makes group rides safer and more fun too, as most helmet communicators can be paired with others to allow communication between riders while on the road.

Helmet Care Kit

While we were tempted to include actual helmets on this list, ultimately choosing a helmet is better left to the individual rider. Helmets are very much a personal choice for size, riding style and individual taste. However, every motorcycle owner has a helmet (we hope), so why not get them a helmet care kit instead? A good helmet care kit includes visor cleaner, anti-fog treatment and a micro-fiber cloth with the cleaner itself.

Muc Off helmet care kit

Motul chain care kit

Chain Care Kit

Motorcycle owners need to clean their bike’s chain regularly as part of their machine’s routine maintenance. This is where a chain care kit comes in handy. Get a motorcycle chain care kit that includes chain cleaner, chain lube, a brush and a pair of gloves to protect their hands while they clean and adjust the chain.

Motorcycle Care Kit

Motorcycle owners love to pamper their prized possession, and they clean, polish and wax their bikes often. A motorcycle care kit that includes bike wash, polish, wax, bug remover and a multi-fiber cloth is the perfect gift for any motorcycle rider.

Wizards motorcycle care kit

Buy a tool kit

Motorcycle Tool Kit

Along with caring for their bikes on the aesthetic level, most motorcycle owners love to fix their own machines too. Doing their own maintenance and repairs is a way for motorcycle owners to “bond” with their bikes. This is where a toolkit comes into play. Most motorcycle owners already have their own tools at home. However, a portable toolkit or tool roll is one they can take on the road with them in case of emergencies. 

Motorcycle owner gift ideas toolkit

And even if the motorcyclist you’re gifting it to already has one of their own, not every toolkit has the same set of tools. It’s also not uncommon for tools to get lost or stolen, or rust and deteriorate over time. A motorcycle toolkit equipped with standard tools like wrenches, pliers and screwdrivers is perfect for a first-time motorcycle buyer, or as a backup toolkit for a more experienced rider.

Tire Tools

While the aforementioned toolkit comes with standard tools, tire repair tools are in a class of their own. From tire inflators to gauges and tire repair kits, pretty much every motorcycle owner at some point has to inspect, repair and replace tires. Motion Pro manufactures a wide array of high quality tire tools in stylish blue designs that make great presents for the do-it-yourself motorcycle mechanic.

Tow Dolly

Motorcycles break down like any other vehicle, sometimes at the most inconvenient times. This is where a lightweight tow dolly comes in handy. Tow dollies hook to the back of any vehicle with a hitch and can transport most motorcycle types. A tow dolly is an especially useful device for dirt bike owners, as these motorcycles aren’t street legal. The dolly provides a convenient way to transport a dirt bike to offroad locations. It also comes in handy for saving room in a crowded garage, as it allows for a car or truck and the bike it has in tow to occupy a single space.

Bike Master motorcycle tow dolly

Buy motorcycle lifts and stands

Motorcycle Lift

When working on tires or any kind of repair, motorcycle lifts and stands make getting the job done much easier for the DIY mechanic. A motorcycle lift helps reduce the amount of crouching needed to access lower areas of a bike, which can cause back and muscle pain. Motorcycle lifts also elevate the machine to provide easier access to otherwise hard-to-reach spots. Any motorcycle owner will appreciate a lift or stand as the latest addition to their garage.

Motorcycle owner gift ideas lift

Battery Tender

Battery problems account for a large percentage of motorcycle charging and starting problems. A foolproof gift for a motorcycle owner is a smart charger known as a battery tender. These chargers come in many shapes, sizes and capacities, but they’re main purpose is to keep motorcycle batteries alive without overcharging them. Battery tenders are especially useful during offseason motorcycle storage periods, as they can detect when the battery needs a boost, and automatically shut off when the battery is adequately charged.  

Buy a Battery Tender

Buy motorcycle luggage

Motorcycle Luggage

Luggage may sound like a boring gift for standard travel, but it’s an invaluable accessory type for a motorcycle rider. A simple wind-resistant and waterproof motorcycle backpack is a great gift for the rider that likes to travel long distances and/or take overnight motorcycle camping trips. Motorcycle backpacks are perfect for carrying light items such as electronics, water bottles and snacks without adding too much weight to the bike or the rider. 

Motorcycle owner gift ideas luggage

For carrying items long distance on the motorcycle itself instead of the rider’s back, saddlebags also make a fantastic gift. They can easily be mounted on and dismounted from the bike, and can be packed with anything from clothing to tools and camping supplies. If your motorcyclist friend already has saddle bags for their bike, consider getting them a gear bag as an alternative gift. 

Casual Motorcycle Apparel 

This entry was going to be for motorcycle jackets and other riding gear, but ultimately like helmets, gear is best left to the rider to choose their own personal style and fit. However, who doesn’t appreciate a good t-shirt or hat to wear at home or around town? For motorcyclists in particular, casual apparel headwear like bandanas and hoodies make excellent affordable gifts. 

Buy motorcycle casual apparel

Buy heated motorcycle gloves

Heated Motorcycle Gloves

Once again, riding gear is best left to the rider’s own personal taste, and that includes gloves. However, heated gloves are not for everyday use, and make a great alternative gift for any motorcycle owner. Heated gloves and cold weather gloves are obviously made for keeping riders’ hands warm during cold temperatures. For heated gloves, seek out a pair that’s water-resistant and powered with rechargeable batteries. If you’re going the cold-weather gloves route, make sure they’re also waterproof and made of breathable insulated material for comfort. 

Motorcycle Security Accessories

It’s a damn shame, but motorcycles and their parts getting stolen isn’t uncommon. With that said, there’s a vast array of motorcycle security products that make for great gifts. When it comes to locks, you can find everything from multi-use cable locks to more specific types such as coupler locks, rotor disc locks and even helmet locks

Buy motorcycle locks

Buy motorcycle security system

If you want to get more sophisticated, a hands-free security system with features like a remote control, a backup battery system, and motorcycle finder and adjustable perimeter sensors makes the ultimate gift for the biker in your life who values the protection of their most prized possession. 



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