What Tools Should I Have for DIY Motorcycle Maintenance?

If you want to do your own motorcycle maintenance, what tools should you have in your toolbox besides the basics? And are you working on Japanese motorcycles?

Partzilla’s motorcycle expert John Talley hosts live Q&A sessions on our YouTube channel every Friday at 3pm Eastern. In this session, John was asked what tools he recommends for somebody looking to do DIY motorcycle maintenance.

DIY motorcycle maintenance electrical tools

Motorcycle Maintenance Tools Q&A

What tool sets should I own to maintain my motorcycle on my own?

John Talley: Just basic tools as far as your regular wrenches, screwdrivers. But just make sure, especially if you’re working on Japanese stuff, can you use US spec screwdrivers, specifically the Phillips, of course, on a Japanese machine? Yes and no. Most of your Phillips are going to be set to a JIS standard, and that is the different angle of the tip of the bit itself. And unless you have the JIS type tools, chances are it’s not if, but when you’re going to strip one, because it’s not fully engaged with the groove it’s going to sit in. So I’d say that’ll be one of the most important investments you’ll make. Beyond that, you want to make sure you’ve got some good electrical tools. Spend money on a decent volt-ohm meter, because that’s going to be invariable when it comes time to troubleshoot some of these machines. Which once again it’s not if, but when it’s going to happen that you have to go through it. But just your basic hand tools and also get a decent test light. Not that every machine is going to have electrical problems, but you’re going to eventually run into it, that’s just a fact of life.

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