Can I Leave a Motorcycle in the Rain?

Whether it’s while you’re riding it or when it’s parked, sooner or later your motorcycle will end up getting rained on. So will rain damage your motorcycle?

Motorcycle riding in rain

The answer is yes and no, as motorcycles are manufactured to withstand the elements. However, rain will eventually corrode your bike if you don’t do anything about it. But there are ways you prevent damage before and after your motorcycle has been exposed to rain.

Leaving a Motorcycle in the Rain

Unlike a car where the motor, electronics, and everything else are protected by the hood and the rest of the body, many motorcycle components are exposed to the elements. 

Motorcycle left in the rain

Fortunately, manufacturers anticipate rain, and they do everything they can to protect motorcycle parts from water damage. Sealed electrical connections and other sensitive parts keep water out, but some of the materials on the outside of the bike are vulnerable to rain damage. And over time, even the most well-protected brake components, charging systems and controls can get worn down by rainwater.

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Protecting a Motorcycle from the Rain

First off, a motorcycle cover is the best defense a motorcycle has against the rain if you don’t have a garage or covered space to park it in. Quality motorcycle covers not only keep rain off of the machine, but also have some sort of venting to prevent evaporating water from getting trapped under the cover.

Motorcycle cover

Besides a cover, the best way to defend a motorcycle from rain damage is to keep it clean. Doing so protects the motorcycle while it’s parked, as well as while it’s being ridden in the rain. The combination of water and road grime can do a number on many components, especially those made of chrome. Cleaning your bike keeps the road grime at bay. 

Lubing the motorcycle’s chain after cleaning it helps keep water and dirt away, while products like water spot removers and corrosion blockers help protect metal parts from rust corrosion. If water damage has already rusted or pitted the chrome, a metal polish can help restore the damage.

Watch the video above to learn how to restore metal motorcycle parts using Simichrome polish.



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