Best Way to Remove Honda ATV Clutch Basket

What’s the best way to remove the clutch basket from a Honda TRX400 ATV? Is there really a best way to do it? It’s pretty straightforward, and a clutch holder tool helps.

Partzilla’s Honda ATV expert John Talley goes live on our YouTube channel every Friday at 3pm Eastern for his weekly live Q&A sessions. In this session, John answers one of our viewers’ questions about the best way to get the clutch basket off of a 2005 Honda TRX400 EX.

Honda TRX400 ATV clutch basket

Honda TRX400 ATV Clutch Basket Removal

What's the best way to get the clutch basket off on a 2005 Honda TRX 400EX?

John Talley: Well, it’s really not that tough. I’m trying to remember if we did a clutch on our 400EX, but you pull the outer cover, pull those retention springs off. I think there’s five of them. The clutch plates come out and then down in there is going to be the bolt or the nut that’s holding on the basket itself, and that’s going to be staked. And you want to release that stake. After that, it’s best if you use some type of clutch holder, and I’ve used one several times on a bunch of different clutches that I’ve done to hold the basket still as you remove that inner section. And then the clutch basket will come out. 

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