How to Choose the Right Snowmobile Track

Snow surfaces are like snowflakes: they're all a little bit different. Some snow is packed; some is wet and heavy; and some is just like powder. These different surfaces play a large role in how your snowmobile will handle. 

snowmobile track

Braking, turning, and getting your machine to hook up are largely dependent on the track you've got underneath. Knowing how to choose the right snowmobile track can help you match your machine with the snow and get the most out of your ride.  

Choosing the Right Sized Snowmobile Track

The goodies on the new track are pretty useless if it doesn't fit. Really, there are three things you should be thinking about when it comes to the size of the track:

  • Length
  • Width
  • Tread (or lug) height

The first two elements of the size are pretty straightforward. However, the tread height can be tricky. First, the tread or lug height should be tailored for the type of snow you're riding on. The design of your snowmobile also plays a role, as the tread needs to clear the heat exchanger on the machine. A good place to start when choosing a tread size is with the manufacturer, who can tell you what fits on your snowmobile.

Best Snowmobile Track for You

Time for a little introspection. How do you ride and where do you ride? Different riding styles and conditions call for different types of tracks. For someone who just likes to cruise on their machine, a general replacement track might be enough. But someone who rides more aggressively might want a track that better suits their needs.

choosing the best snowmobile track

As for where you ride, is it on groomed trails or are you taking it a little more off the grid? Trails usually offer more packed snow, and a shorter lug track might be enough. Deeper, more powdered snow may require a deeper lug track to keep your machine hooked up. Replacing a track isn't hard, and you can do it yourself with the right tools. And if you can't (or don't want to), there's no shame in finding a repair shop with the know-how to do it right. 

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