8 Essential Accessories for ATV/UTV Hunting

ATVs and UTVs are popular amongst hunters for their versatility, particularly when it comes to handling rough terrain, as well as for cargo space and hauling capacity.  

Essential ATV hunting accessories

ATVs and side-by-sides make it possible to go deeper into the great outdoors to hunt for large game, and it’s important to have them fully equipped with the right hauling, hunting and survival gear. There are countless accessories you can equip your four-wheeler with to prepare you for the hunt, but in the interest of keeping things simple, here are 8 essential ATV hunting accessories we think you should have.

Loading Ramp

For loading your offroad vehicle onto your on-road vehicle, you’ll want a solid, sturdy ramp and plenty of tie-down straps to secure it to your truck or trailer. 

ATV hunting accessories loading ramp


Hunting or not, a good strong winch is crucial for getting your ATV or side-by-side out of mud, snow or anywhere it’s stuck. A winch can also help remove obstacles such as fallen trees out of the way of the trail.

Essential ATV hunting accessories winch

As far as hunting goes, a powerful winch makes hauling large game much easier, especially up a steep hill. You’ll want to get a winch that fits your machine, with at least 2,000lbs of towing capacity for an ATV and at least 3,500lbs for a UTV.

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Cargo Boxes and Bags

When it comes to cargo capacity, ATVs and side-by-sides give you plenty of space to work with that’s customizable to suit your personal needs. There are countless options available for rack extensions and cargo boxes and bags to give you ample space for hunting equipment and supplies.

ATV hunting accessories cargo boxes

You can go with hard cargo boxes, which are tougher and more resistant to water, or soft cargo bags, which allow more flexibility with multiple compartments for carrying tools and supplies. Racks for cargo bags and boxes can be fixed to the front and/or back of a four-wheeler to maximize your cargo space for hunting trips. 

ATV Trailer

A mountain goat or a deer might fit onto an ATV rack, but any larger game like moose or bears will probably require the use of a trailer to haul it off. You never know how big of an animal or three you’re going to snag, so you might as well attach a trailer to the back of your four-wheeler just in case.   

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Gun or Crossbow Carrier

To keep your rifle(s) neatly stored and from rattling around, fit a gun boot or gun rack onto your machine. Local hunting laws vary, so make sure you know whether you need to fit a case, boot or rack onto your four-wheeler to store your weapons of choice safely. 

ATV hunting accessories gun boot

A gun boot typically holds just one firearm, while a rack can accommodate more than one rifle. If the crossbow is your hunting weapon of choice or simply a backup, you can also get a crossbow carrier fitted to your machine. There are also flex racks available that can hold rifles and crossbows, if you like to hunt with both.

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LED Light Bar

For hunting and simply getting around at night, an LED light bar is the perfect accessory to fit onto your ATV or UTV. A light bar attached to the front of your machine can illuminate a whole trail and help you set up shop in the dark to prepare for a morning hunt.


For added safety in the dark, get a spotlight installed onto your ATV or side-by-side. Spotlights are beneficial not only for spotting game in the dark, but also for getting around trails with tall trees that block out sunlight. The spotlight can help you light up additional hiding places for game that the LED light bar might not catch. 

Camo Cover

Hunters often end up scaring off prey with their ATVs and side-by-sides, which is why it’s common to see camouflage-wrapped or -painted machines out on hunting trails. 

ATV hunting essentials camo cover

However, if you don’t want to outfit your vehicle with camouflage coverings, get a camo cover to hide your four-wheeler. These covers can not only protect your machine and your gear from the elements, but can also make your ATV or side-by-side blend in with nature so as not to spook off potential prey. 

Muffler Silencer

Another way to avoid scaring off prey is to get a muffler silencer for your ATV or side-by-side. A muffler silencer reduces noise by several decibels without affecting performance. Check if your machine’s manufacturer makes OEM muffler silencers, or opt for an aftermarket universal silencer that fits your machine.

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Other essential supplies and accessories to bring on ATV or UTV hunting trips include:

  • First-aid kit stocked with bandages, gauze, antiseptic, antibiotics, burn cream and any personal medications you take 
  • Fire starting kit equipped with waterproof packaging and tinders, plus any other essential camping supplies for survival emergencies
  • Basic toolkit for emergency repairs on the trail, as well as a tire repair kit for ATV/UTV tires
  • GPS device for mapping out trails or for backup in case your smartphone loses its signal or its battery dies while out on the trail

UTV camping essentials

Finally, consider bringing along a portable generator to prevent your machine’s battery from draining out, as well as all the riding gear you normally wear such as a helmet, gloves and goggles.



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