7 Yamaha Powersports Cleaning & Corrosion Protection Products

When it comes to protecting your motorcycle, ATV or side-by-side from corrosion and wear-and-tear, Yamaha makes some of the best cleaning and corrosion protection products available.

Yamaha powersports cleaning and corrosion protection products

Many of Yamaha’s products for powersports (and marine) maintenance and repairs are under their Yamalube brand, and they provide an excellent variety of trusted solutions to protect vehicle parts. Here’s a look at some of the products Yamaha makes for motorcycle, ATV and UTV cleaning and corrosion protection. 

Yamaha PPC Parts Cleaner

Yamalube’s Precision Parts Cleaner is a fast-drying, powerful parts cleaner designed to remove oil, grease, and other contaminants. This solution makes cleaning engine parts, internal and external components, electrical components and other parts quickly and easily. Yamaha’s PPC cleaner not only dries fast, but it also leaves no residue behind.

Yamaha PPC precision parts cleaner

Yamaha Combustion Chamber Cleaner

Yamalube combustion chamber cleaner removes carbon and other contaminants from cylinders, pistons, rings and valves. It not only prevents carbon build-up, but also cleans out gum and varnish from the engine. Yamaha’s combustion chamber cleaner works well for cleaning up oil deposits and sludge, as well as carbon deposits on pistons.

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Buy Yamaha external engine cleaner and degreaser

Yamaha External Engine Cleaner & Degreaser

Yamalube engine cleaner and degreaser removes grease, mud and grime from the external parts of an engine. It’s safe to use on most rubber, plastic and painted metal surfaces. This powerful cleaner and degreaser safely removes dirt, oil and grease from motors, and protects the engine against simple corrosion. 

Yamaha Silicone Protectant & Lubricant

Yamalube silicone protectant shields exposed metal parts of a motorcycle, ATV or side-by-side from the effects of oxidation. It also protects neoprene, rubber and other types of powersports vehicle surfaces.

Yamaha silicone spray protectant

It’s a general-purpose silicone-based lubricant that can protect anything from wheel bearings to rubber hoses from rust and corrosion even under the harshest riding conditions. 

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Buy Yamaha Yamashield rust protectant

Yamashield Rust & Corrosion Protectant

Yamaha’s Yamashield rust and corrosion spray creates a protective shield on surfaces exposed to the elements such as sun, wind and water. Its high-quality combination of solvents, lubricants and waxes combats the damaging effects of moisture on both metal components and electrical connections. Yamashield can also loosen hard-to-remove corroded parts as it dries to a thin, waxy film that clings to the metal.

Yamaha Battery Terminal Cleaner & Protector

Yamalube’s battery terminal cleaner is a strong water-based cleaner with acid-alkali indicator that removes corrosion on battery terminal posts to improve power output and extend battery life. 

Yamaha battery terminal cleaner and protectant

After spraying the battery terminal protector, it rinses off with water and leaves behind a a residual protective film that protects against further corrosion. 

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Buy Yamaha brake and contact cleaner

Yamaha Brake & Contact Cleaner

Yamalube brake and contact cleaner eliminates dirt and dust from brake components, and can be used to clean many other parts beyond just brakes. This effective cleaner doesn’t leave any residue behind. However, it may be harmful to plastics and decals, so you’ll want to isolate the parts you spray it on.

Yamaha contact brake cleaner

Partzilla’s powersports pro John Talley uses Yamaha’s Yamalube line of products in many of our motorcycle, ATV and UTV maintenance and repair videos. Several of these product are featured on our most popular YouTube video, the Yamaha Raptor 700 complete engine rebuild, which you can watch below. 



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